History of «Sounds off the Wireless»
Date Section Added station
December 19, 1998
Uploaded greatly overhauled version of «Sounds off the Wireless» with 216 recordings

December 20, 1998 Numbers «The Pip»
«Motorbike», probably aka «Electronic Raspberry»

Utility Athena Radio
British Post Office
Hellenic Telecommunication Organisation
Göteborg Radio
Roma Radio
St. Lys Radio
(Thanks to John de Rivaz for letting me use his recordings of these six historical stations)

December 23, 1998 Asia Turkmen Radio 1

December 24, 1998 Utility US  Air Force Global High Frequency System
Architect, UK (?)

December 25, 1998 Africa
Radio St. Helena
VoA Europe
Radio Mi Amigo

December 27, 1998 Europe Radio Suisse Romande
Slovensko 1

December 28, 1998 Asia Republic of Iraq Radio

January 1, 1999 Americas Radio Martí

January 2, 1999 Africa

Radio Tanzania
Voice of Africa, Libya
Georgian Radio

January 3, 1999 Americas La Voz de la Esperanza (Peru)

January 5, 1999 Americas
AFRTS (Armed Forces Radio & Television Service)
Radio Brasil Central, Goiânia
Australia &c High Adventure World Radio Network, Palau
Europe BBC Radio Gloucestershire
Radio Intercontinental, Madrid
Unid New page added
Unidentified on 4632 kHz
Utility Moskva Meteo
Rostov Meteo
St.Petersburg Meteo
Numbers E17 ("English Lady")
S17 ("Czech Lady")
Duet between S17 and "Architect"
(Thanks to Larsen/Germany, and with special thanks to the IRC #monitor-channel for the S17 recording)

January 6, 1999 Africa Radiodiffusion Togolaise
Radio Mauritanie
Europe Radio Luxembourg (English programs)
Special Effects New page added
Amateur-TV (SSTV)
Luxembourg Effect

January 7, 1999 Asia Uzbekistan (Interval Signal added)
Australia, &c KSDA, Guam

January 8, 1999 Americas KAIJ (Texas)
WBCQ (Washington)
Radio Reloj, Costa Rica
Radio Educación, Mexico
Numbers; Unidentified Thanks to information received from Christher Lehtonen, I have today been able to somehow complete the information on the «Motorbike» and the Unidentified on 4632 kHz.

January 12, 1999 Unidentified

Unidentified station on 2238 kHz
Radio Kurdistan, Voice of the Kurd. Soc.Dem. Party
Voice of Iraqi Kurdistan
Radio Burkina
Radio Total, Brazil
Unidentified station on 6920 kHz

January 13, 1999 Clandestines
IBC Tamil
E10 "Footsteps"
Unidentified station on 5740 kHz
Namibian Broadcasting Corporation

January 18, 1999 Africa Radio Cairo (recording replaced by better one)

January 19, 1999 Africa
Radio Nigeria (Interval signal added)
Radio Thailand
Numbers (?) station on 5740 kHz

January 22, 1999 Europe Radio Austria International

January 25, 1999 Europe
Radio Monte Carlo
E5 ("The Counting Station")
G6 ("German Lady")

January 26, 1999 Africa
La Voix du Sahel, Niger
Radio Quito
Útvarp Føroya

January 28, 1999 Africa
Channel Africa

January 31, 1999 Free Radio Radio Brigitte (Netherlands)

February 1, 1999 Europe BBC Radio Cambridgeshire
BBC Radio Humberside
BBC Radio Ulster
Premier Radio (London)
South Coast Radio (Capital Gold)

February 2, 1999 Asia Radio Dada Gorgud, Baku (AZE)

February 4, 1999 Europe

COPE Network (Spain)
RTBF International (Belgium)
V7 ("The Spanish Man")

February 5, 1999 Africa

Africa No. 1 (Gabon)
Radio Méditerrannée International (Morocco)
Democratic Voice of Burma (via Norway)

February 6, 1999 Clandestines Voice of Tigray Revolution

February 26, 1999 Numbers Polytone Station (XPH)

April 4, 1999 Free Radio Radio West (Belgium)

April 5, 1999 Americas CGN, Radio Anhanguera, Goiânia (Brazil)

April 6, 1999 Asia
Kazak Radio
Netherlands Coast Guard

April 7, 1999 Unidentified unidentified station(s) on 5,185 kHz

April 16, 1999 Europe Radiodiffusion-Télévision Marocaine

April 25, 1999 Clandestines
Free Radio
Democratic Voice of Burma
Zender Rooie Rover (Netherlands)
unidentified station on 2,136 kHz

April 30, 1999 Americas Radio Mosoj Chaski, Bolivia (recorded by Fernando Viloria, Venezuela)

May 1, 1999 Utility Radio Szczecin, Poland

May 4, 1999 Europe Radio Maryja, Russia

May 5, 1999 Europe Power Radio, Germany

May 9, 1999 Europe Radio Extrem, Finland
Radio Vilnius, Lithuania
Trans World Radio, Monaco
Universelles Leben, Germany

May 12, 1999 Asia
Central Broadcasting System [CBS], Taiwan
Unidentified on 11,247 kHz
Gander Radio, Canada

May 13, 1999 Asia
High Adventure Radio, Lebanon
KWHR (World Harvest Radio), Hawaii

May 14, 1999 Europe Radio Free Europe

May 23, 1999 Numbers G4 (3-Note Oddity)

May 24, 1999 Americas Radio Free Asia, Channel 2

May 29, 1999 Africa Radio Sahara, Spanish Sahara (recording made by Aart Rouw in 1973)
Americas Better recordings entered for:
Voz Cristiana (Chile)
HCJB (Ecuador)

May 30, 1999 Asia UAE Radio, Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates)
Europe Overcomer Ministry (Germany)
Flux Radio (Netherlands)
Free Radio Radio Blue Star (Netherlands)
Sp.Effects Decca

June 1, 1999 Europe Radio Tirana (better recording entered)
«Ignacio's Bonus Page» added with Spanish identifications collected by him and kindly put at my disposal.

June 2, 1999 Europe Second "shipment" of Spanish identifications from Ignacio Sotomayor added.

June 3, 1999 Europe Third lot of Spanish identifications from Ignacio Sotomayor added.

June 4, 1999 Europe Fourth lot of Spanish identifications from Ignacio Sotomayor added.
Asia Voice of Turkey (better recording entered)
Unidentified Unidentified (8737 kHz)

June 6, 1999 Africa First lot of recordings from Aart Rouw (Germany) uploaded:
Radio Cotonou (former Dahomey)
Emissora Oficial de Angola
Emissora Regional da Guinea (former Portuguese Guinea)
Radio Libreville (Gabon)
Libyan Broadcasting Corp.
RTV Sahara (former Spanish Sahara)
Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corporation
Radio Tananarive (Madagascar)
Radio Tanzania
Voice of Kenya

June 7, 1999 Europe Fifth consignment of Spanish identifications from Ignacio Sotomayor added.

June 10, 1999 Utility Cyprus Radio
Africa Radio Botswana
Christian Voice, Zambia
FEBA, Seychelles
Europe Radio Centro, Madrid (Spain)
Radio Peninsular, Barcelona (Spain)
Radio Reloj de Radio España, Barcelona (Spain)
Asia Recordings from Aart Rouw (Germany):
FEBC (Philippines)
Radio Pakistan World Service
Radio Phnom Penh, Kampuchea
Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation
Voice of Malaysia
Clandestines Liberation Radio (Vietnam)

June 12, 1999 Asia Radiophonikon Idryma Kuprou (Cyprus)
Europe AM 1332 (Netherlands)
Americas Recordings from Aart Rouw (Germany):
Radio Grenada
Radio Clube de Riberao Preto (Brazil)
Radio Ministerio de Educação e Cultura (Brazil)
Radio Universo (Venezuela)
Voz de Chile

June 13, 1999 Free Radio WMR, Weekend Music Radio (GB)
Europe Radio 21 (Netherlands)
Americas Recordings from Aart Rouw (Germany):
Radio Nacional Arcángel San Gabriel (Antarctica)
Radio Gaucha (Brazil)
Radio Guaiba (Brazil)
Radio Marumby (Brazil)
Radio Satélite (Peru)
Radio Valera (Venezuela)
Asia Radio Dushanbe (Tajikistan)
Radio Republik Indonesia Jakarta
Radio Republik Indonesia Jambi
Radio Veritas (Philippines)
Africa Radio Liberia
Europe Radio Minsk (Belarus)

June 17, 1999 Africa Radio Rwanda
Americas RAE (Argentina) - better recording entered

June 22, 1999 Europe RAI, Radio 2 (Italy)

June 23, 1999 Europe Classic Gold 1332 (Peterborough, GB)
NDR 4 (Germany)
WDR 2 (Germany)
Utility Oostende Radio (Belgium)

June 27, 1999 Europe Bayerischer Rundfunk (Germany)
Bayern 1 (Germany)
BBC World Service (end of German service)
Free Radio Polderpiraat (Netherlands)

July 3, 1999 Unidentified Unidentified on 6815 kHz (slavonic language)

July 4, 1999 Americas Radio for Peace International (Costa Rica)

July 11, 1999 Ignacio's From Ignacio Sotomayor:
Radio 1, Aragón (Spain)
Radio 5, Córdoba (Spain)
From Erich Bergmann (Germany):
Radio Clarín (Dominican Republic)

July 18, 1999 Utility WWV, Ft. Collins (Colorado/USA) - additional recording
Americas From Erich Bergmann (Germany):
Radio Lara, Barquisimeto (Venezuela)

July 19, 1999 Europe Sender Freies Berlin (Germany)

July 21, 1999
From Aart Rouw (Germany):
CFRB, Ontario (Canada)
Faro del Caribe, San José (Costa Rica)
Radio Altura, Cerro de Pasco (Peru

July 31, 1999 Europe Deutsche Freiheitssender 904 (GDR!)
Radio Neighbor in Need (Austria)

August 11, 1999 Europe extra page added for British RSL (Restricted Service License)-ventures
  RSLs Radio Northsea International, 1999 (Clacton-on-Sea)/GB
  Numbers New recording of "The Pip" entered, with voice-message
  Americas From Erich Bergmann, Germany:
Radio Noticias del Continente (Costa Rica)
    From Aart Rouw (Germany):
Radio Buenas Nuevas (Guatemala)
Radio Mam (Ecuador)
La Voz de la Selva (Peru)
La Voz del Upano (Ecuador
  Asia All India Radio (Interval Signal added)
  Africa Radio Congo (Congo)
Radio Zaire (former Zaire)

August 12, 1999 Europe BBC Radio Nottingham
  RSLs Radio Caroline, 1994 (Dover/GB)

August 19, 1999 Europe Radio Veronica test (Netherlands)
  Numbers French Woman (V23)
  RSLs Radio Caroline, 1999 (Southend/GB)

August 21, 1999 Europe Radio Veronica, special transmission (Netherlands)
Radio Gardarika (Russia)
  RSLs Radio Caroline, 1997 (Queenborough/GB)
Radio London [Big L], 1997 (Clacton/GB)

August 22, 1999 Europe Reflections Europe (Ireland)
XL Radio (GB)
  Free Radio Borderhunter Radio (Belgium)
Radio Wonderful (Germany)

September 1, 1999 Utility DCF77 (Standard Time), Germany
MSF (Standard Time), GB

October 22, 1999 Asia Radio Pyongyang (old recording substituted by better one)

October 31, 1999 Unidentified Mystery Station (6895 kHz)

November 7, 1999 Free Radio Radio Pamela International (UK)
UK Radio (UK)
Union Radio (Netherlands)

November 12, 1999 Numbers Slavic Woman (very good quality recording added - courtesy of Larsen)

February 1, 2000 Europe BOB, Belgium

February 6, 2000 Americas WWBS (USA)

February 9, 2000 Europe 1584 AM (Netherlands)

February 14, 2000 Clandestines Radio Antena National
  Europe Radio Tshetsnaya Svobodnaya (Russia)
  Utility Athena Radio (new recording added)

February 26, 2000 Utility Cross Corsen (France); information added (thanks to Antoine Rouhan)

February 28, 2000 Utility Bangkok Radio (Thailand)
Reykjavik Radio (Iceland)

May 3, 2000 Free Radio Radio Devalon (Germany)
  Europe Q the Beat (Netherlands)
1584 AM (Netherlands; new test broadcast)

May 4, 2000 Europe Hollands Glorie (Netherlands)
  RSLs Radio Northsea Int'nal (Frinton-on-Sea), April/May 2000

May 5, 2000 Numbers E10 - ABC (Mossad) (Recording by JMM)
E10 - ART (Mossad)
E10 - FTJ (Mossad)
E10 - SYN2 (Mossad)
E10 - VLB2 (Mossad)
E10 - YHF (Mossad)

June 26, 2000 Numbers E10 - KPA2 (Mossad) (Recording by Ryan Grabow/USA)

October 12, 2000 Asia FEBC, Philippines (sign on in Mandarin)
Radio Pilipinas
  Europe Asian Sound Radio (UK)
Mega Radio (Germany)
  RSLs Radio Caroline (Harwick)
Radio London (Clacton)
  Utility Seoul Radio

October 15, 2000 Africa Radio Uganda
  Asia Xizang Radio (China)
  Utility Kiev Meteo

 July 8, 2006 Restored my rather ramshackle "Sounds off the Wireless" and uploaded all of it to my new domain. Unfortunately I discovered the following recordingds were missing for some obscure reason:
Broadcating Service of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia;
CFRB (Canada);
Faro del Caribe (Costa Rica);
Kazak Radio (Kazakhstan);
Radio Altura (Peru);
Radio Neighbor in Need (Austria);
Radio Rebelde (Cuba) -> new recording uploaded on July 9, 2006.

 July 9, 2000  Europe Radio Trafic (Belgium)
Radio Nationaal (Netherlands)
Radio Paradijs (Netherlands)
Radio Waddenzee (Netherlands)
LBH Radio (Russia / United Kingdom)
Wales Radio International (United Kingdom)
Radio Yugoslavia (Yugoslavia, federal republic)
   Americas Radio Continental (Argentina)
Radio Rebelde (Cuba), to make up for lost recording (see yesterday)
   Clandestines Radio España Independiente, estación pirenaica (interval signal; final broadcast)
   Offshore Radio Antwerpen (unofficially known as 'Radio Uilenspiegel")

July 15, 2006 Asia Galei Tzahal (Israel)
  Europe Hamburger Lokalradio (Germany)
Radio Seagull (Netherlands)
  Free Radio Spaceman (Netherlands)

July 16, 2006 Africa RSG / Radio Sonder Grense (South Africa)

 July 29, 2000  DRM new DRM-page added, plus recordings of:
Bitexpress Berlin (Germany)
Deutsche Welle (Germany, relayed from Portugal)
WDR 2 (Germany)
RFI [Radio France International] (France)
Radio Kuwait (Kuwait)
Radio Luxembourg [English language programmes] (Luxembourg/United Kingdom)
RTL [French language programmes] (Luxembourg)
RTL [German language programmes] (Luxembourg)
Radio Netherlands [Radio Nederland Wereldomroep (Netherlands)
Voice of Russia (Russia)
BBC World Service (United Kingtom
  Africa ORTB (Bénin)
  Americas WWRB, Manchester (Tenn) (USA)


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